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I am new at Klarion, guys! Please let me know if I'm swerving out of character with him, I want to do this guy justice as much as possible.

IP logging is off, and anon comments are on, as is screening!

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Aug. 10th, 2018 08:20 pm
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How is this device meant to... ah! 

I suppose you've reached Klarion Bleak. Do as you will. 

[There's a few seconds of empty silence, one irritated mrow in the background, and then a click!]
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... Okay guys, I'll be honest, I'm not great at HTML and have no idea how to make one of those handy little HTML forms, so I'ma go with bullet points for this:

- So your character can do magic! Awesome. Is it okay if Klarion can sense this if he meets them in person? (If you don't want him to sense any of the following, that's totally fine too!)

- Roughly how powerful are they? On a scale of 'I can make the ace of spades disappear and a shiny quarter appear in your left hand!' to 'reality-warping force of nature'!

- How do they perform their magic? Hand gestures, spell circles, verbal incantations?

- And just for fun, what does their kind of magic smell like? I know this question is ridiculously abstract, so feel free to skip it or make something up for kicks if you like! I figure Klarion's magic smells kind of sharp and electric, like frayed wiring that's about to go haywire.
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Read more... )

Okay, so! Klarion has a short temper, and is notoriously trigger-happy when it comes to using his magic. He responds really, really badly to people who give him a hard time (which, from his perspective, can mean anything from calling him names like 'emo pilgrim' to telling him 'hey, turning that dude into a lawn ornament wasn't cool'), and his solution to most problems that he can't talk his way out of is basically 'do magic to it'. For this game, I've narrowed down his magical abilities to 'temporarily turning people into stuff', and 'firing magical blasts at stuff'.  His transformation spells will only last an hour at most, and may even wear off sooner if his concentration is disrupted.

Obviously I don't want to step on anyone's toes here, so this is an OPT-IN POST for anybody who would like to tangle with Klarion! If Klarion and your character end up butting heads, I'll be contacting you OOCly regardless before doing anything.  If you're up for having some magic blasts thrown at you, or getting temporarily turned into a newt, frog, stone statue, lawn flamingo, whatever, drop me a line and we'll make Shenanigans happen! 


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I am Molly!
I play Just Klarion.
Contact Methods: I'm Sonopants on both Plurk and AIM, but if I'm not online, PMing this account or shooting an email to will usually work. I might not always be around for chatting, but I check my email pretty obsessively.
Timezone and Scheduling Issues: I'm in Atlantic, GMT -4 (it's basically EST plus an hour!), and I work full time. I'm pretty slow during the week, and almost never on during the day, so I usually tag around and catch up on things in the evening.
Posting/Jumping/Thread-Dropping: I am slow as heck sometimes, but I always do my best to get back to the thread, unless it seems like it's over! And I am always okay with jumping :D If you want me to get back to a thread, just poke me.
Comfort Levels: I'll mention it if I'm getting squicked out by something, and if you're not okay with something, please let me know!
Concrit/OOC issues: I have an HMD up here
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Just putting this here for future reference!

Klarion is the main boss in DC Online's Halloween event, The Witching Hour! He's being a bratty little shit-disturber as usual, stealing people's powers and causing havoc across Gotham City. I can only hope that at some point he learns what the Thriller dance is, and magically enacts some Micheal Jackson style undead dance-offs. It's interesting that his outfit is closer to YJ!Klarion's, instead of his usual puritan gear. That voice is of his is pretty goofy, though!


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