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All of these spells rely on his concentration and energy; if Klarion gets distracted, or has too much magic on the go at once, the spells will be more likely to break. Likewise, more powerful spells will tire him out, and if Teekl is taken out of the picture somehow, his magic will be considerably weaker. More on that in a bit!

Teleportation: Klarion rips open a portal in the universe and jumps through, allowing him to get from point A to point B in a matter of seconds. He's still figuring out his range; he can go cross-country, but he'll be pretty wiped out afterwards.

Protection wards: This involves drawing magic symbols in or around a location in order to protect it, sort of like magically boobytrapping a perimeter. If someone tries to intrude on a protected area, they'll either be forcibly repelled, or turned into something nasty.

Energy projection / shields: Magic energy blasts and energy shields! Pyew pyew!

Transformation: He can turn things into other things for a maximum of one hour... or however long his concentration lasts.

Tracking: If he has something that belongs to the person or thing being tracked, like a piece of hair or clothing, he can get a rough idea of where the target is. This isn't a very precise spell, it's more like a compass that just points him in the right direction, and it needs a little more concentrated effort than most of his magic. He actually has to sit down, break out the chalk, and draw a spell circle around the object being used while reciting incantations.


Ok, so where Klarion's from, everybody has a familiar (or draaga-creature, as they call them) that acts as the personal focus for their magic. Teekl is Klarion's familiar, and the cat is his best friend, family, and the best cat in the world thankyouverymuch. Anyway, witches share a deep mental/magic/spiritual bond with their familiar that allows them telepathically communicate with each other, and share each other's senses. Klarion chats with Teekl on the regular, and if he concentrates, he can see through Teekl's eyes, hear through Teekl's ears, and smell with Teekl's nose, although he usually has to hold still and block out his own senses first in order to focus on Teekl's end of the mental link.

There are downsides to having the focus of your magic running around as a separate creature, though. Teekl is his best friend and Achilles heel in one. If they're separated, Klarion's magic starts to weaken, and if they're too far apart for more than a few days at a time, the separation may even be fatal. Likewise, if the cat dies, so will Klarion.

Horigal form

The Horigal is what happens when a witch and his/her familiar combine their powers to become a rampaging monster that's half man, half animal because fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger!. In Klarion's case, he fuses with Teekl and becomes a huge, bloodthirsty, four-armed mancatbeast with razor sharp claws and teeth. The Horigal form has both Klarion's intelligence and Teekl's killer instincts, and while Klarion's able to maintain control, the longer he's full Horigal, the harder this becomes. If he spends more than 10 -15 minutes in this form, the transformation becomes painful and he starts to go feral, losing his ability to speak, think coherently, and distinguish between targets.

On top of that, the man who taught Klarion the Horigal spell died before he could teach him how to undo it, and once Klarion transforms, he can't turn back to normal by himself. He and Teekl have to be forcibly separated by an external source. Usually this is done magically; a simple exorcism or something will be enough, but I'm going to say that knocking him unconscious will work too. The Horigal form is also hugely draining, Klarion will be magically and physically exhausted for hours after taking it. Needless to say, this is like the Defcon III of magic spells in Klarion's book, and he'll only be busting it out in really life-threatening situations!


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