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I am Molly!
I play Just Klarion.
Contact Methods: I'm Sonopants on both Plurk and AIM, but if I'm not online, PMing this account or shooting an email to will usually work. I might not always be around for chatting, but I check my email pretty obsessively.
Timezone and Scheduling Issues: I'm in Atlantic, GMT -4 (it's basically EST plus an hour!), and I work full time. I'm pretty slow during the week, and almost never on during the day, so I usually tag around and catch up on things in the evening.
Posting/Jumping/Thread-Dropping: I am slow as heck sometimes, but I always do my best to get back to the thread, unless it seems like it's over! And I am always okay with jumping :D If you want me to get back to a thread, just poke me.
Comfort Levels: I'll mention it if I'm getting squicked out by something, and if you're not okay with something, please let me know!
Concrit/OOC issues: I have an HMD up here
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Just putting this here for future reference!

Klarion is the main boss in DC Online's Halloween event, The Witching Hour! He's being a bratty little shit-disturber as usual, stealing people's powers and causing havoc across Gotham City. I can only hope that at some point he learns what the Thriller dance is, and magically enacts some Micheal Jackson style undead dance-offs. It's interesting that his outfit is closer to YJ!Klarion's, instead of his usual puritan gear. That voice is of his is pretty goofy, though!


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