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Jul. 8th, 2014 11:55 pm
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CHARACTER AGE: 15-16ish?
CANON ORIGIN: DC Comics, pre-New 52 

(A quick note about continuity here: Klarion has technically been around since the 70's, but Grant Morrison rebooted the character when he wrote the Seven Soldiers miniseries in the mid-2000's. Morrison mentioned offhand that his version of Klarion could become the original version via time travel, but nobody else at DC got the memo. All of his appearances after Seven Soldiers were treated as if he were a new, rebooted character who had never existed before in canon. Characters who had interacted with the previous version of Klarion either didn't remember him or never brought up past events, and considering that the previous Klarion did things like turning the entire Justice League into toddlers, that's really saying something! For the sake of not turning my brain into a pretzel, I'm going to be treating him as a rebooted character.

TL;DR, this is the rebooted Grant Morrison version of the character!)

CHRONOLOGY: Just after his guest appearance in Batgirl #18
CLASS:  Hm...  anti-hero? Klarion doesn't go out of his way to make trouble, but he doesn't usually give a damn about anyone but himself and his cat. He can be convinced to do the right thing and help other people, but it isn't his first instinct.
HOUSING: Random! I apologize in advance to any potential roomies


Wikipedia, DC Wiki

This is going to get really weird, really fast. Blame Grant Morrison!
On the surface, Klarion's world is typical DC comics stuff: it's basically the regular modern-day world, with a healthy dose of superheroes, villains, giant monsters, alien menaces, etc. thrown in for good measure. "On the surface' is the key phrase here, because up until a year or two ago, Klarion had never been to the surface before... he grew up in the underground village of Limbo Town, several miles beneath the New York subway systems. 

Limbo Town was originally formed by the lost American colonists of Roanoke who had interbred with an alien species called The Sheeda, which gave their descendants pointed ears, blue skin and magical powers (technically the Sheeda were super-evolved humans from billions of years in the future, but whatever, they're basically magical fairy aliens). Anyway, the town was sort of like a twisted version of a 16th-century Puritan settlement, where all of the strict Puritan beliefs and values had been focused on witchcraft and necromancy instead of Christianity. The witches of Limbo Town spent their dreary lives farming and studying the Book of Shadows (sort of like their equivalent to the Bible), and their afterlives doing hard labour in the rock fields s as mindless zombies. Most importantly, the townspeople never, ever went beyond the village gates and up to "Blue Rafters", the forbidden surface world. Basically, it was a terrible place to live if you were a rebellious witch-boy who asked too many questions, and Klarion's inquisitive attitude (and passive-aggressive sass) didn't sit well with the town's religious leaders. He spent his days dreaming about exploring the world outside of Limbo Town like his father, who had left years earlier, and sending his cat Teekl out to make mischief.

Klarion eventually got his chance to escape when Teekl happened to catch a tiny Sheeda scout in the town square. The town Submissionaries (aka religious leaders) flipped their collective lids, ordered the gates to be permanently closed, and immediately killed the witch-men in town who had been planning to form a parliament to wrestle power away from the Submissionaries. They did this by fusing with their familiars to become a hideous, bloodthirsty half-man, half-animal creature called a Horigal, which promptly made mincemeat out of the witch-men. Klarion got caught up in the confusion while trying to warn the witch-men about the Submissionaries, and was chased into the Manhattan sewer systems by the Horigal, until he was rescued by a badass ex-Limbo Towner named Ebeneezer Badde and a conveniently timed subway train.

Ebeneezer Badde taught Klarion two things: one, that the god his hometown's magical religion was based around either didn't exist or had abandoned them long ago, and two, not to blindly trust people. Klarion openly idolized Badde for his adventurous, alligator-ridin' lifestyle (it was kind of adorable, until he started making faces like this), right up until the moment Badde tried to sell him out to a group of child slavers. Klarion retaliated by allowing Badde to be killed by Leviathan, a feral hivemind of runaway children who had banded together for survival, even after Badde changed his mind and attempted to save Klarion at hte last minute. To make matters worse, it's been implied that Badde may have actually been Klarion's absent father, but this has never been confirmed for sure.

Once he finally made it to the surface, Klarion fell in with a gang of thieving kids called The Deviants, who were being lead by a totally-not-suspicious-at-all dude named Mr. Melmoth. After helping the gang steal a giant drill from a superhero museum, Klarion found out that the Deviants were being shipped off to Mars to work in chain gangs the minute they turned sixteen, and that Melmoth was going to use the drill to invade Limbo Town. If you're sensing a pattern here, it's because Klarion has terrible, terrible luck when it comes to trusting adults. One guilt-trip from Teekl later, Klarion reluctantly returned to Limbo Town to warn his neighbours about the invasion, and was almost burned at the stake for heresy by an angry mob that was being led by his mother and older sister. Anyway! Melmoth (who was actually the king of the Sheeda, surprise surprise) showed up, and was fought off by Limbo Town's worker zombies and Klarion/Teekl, who had turned into a Horigal mancatbeast himself. After a polite apology from his mother, who was sorry about the whole burning-at-the-stake thing, Klarion returned to the surface to see the Sheeda invasion for himself.
Klarion managed to take control of the Sheeda ship during the chaos, flew into space, and briefly became the King of the Sheeda. The whole 'ruler of an alien race' thing was never mentioned again, because... idk comics, what is continuity and how does it work. I'm assuming that Klarion got bored of the position pretty quickly once he realized that it involved actual responsibility, and abdicated the throne in favour of exploring the world.

After Seven Soldiers, Klarion and Teekl became professional guest stars went adventuring all over the DC universe, popping up everywhere from Gotham City to El Paso and creating magical chaos wherever they went.  Between trying to steal power from Mary Marvel, turning Teekl into a werecat and unintentionally wrecking havoc on Gotham City, and turning an entire block of trick-or-treaters into stone during one eventful Halloween (not to mention stealing all their candy!), Klarion has developed a reputation among DC's magical community as a troublemaker and general nuisance who is better avoided. 



... Okay, no. As much as that sums him up, I'm going to need more than one word for this section. 

Klarion sees himself as a brave explorer, striking out on his own for the first time on an alien frontier. As far as he's concerned, it's himself and Teekl against the rest of the world, and everyone else is just a background extra (or at best, a recurring side character) in their grand adventure. He doesn't form attachments to other people very easily, since he's living the traveling life, and can simply teleport away whenever he gets bored with a particular location. 

The surface world is totally new to Klarion, and he approaches everything in it with the wide-eyed awe of an explorer, and the enthusiastic glee of a kid in a candy shop. He's amazed by little things like marshmallow peeps and television, mildly scandalized by short-shorts and tank tops, and has a hard time grasping the concept of modern slang. This can make him seem naive at first, but the truth is that Klarion is wickedly intelligent, clever, and extremely resourceful and self-reliant. What's more, he knows he's smart, and has the ego to match. He escaped from the world's most repressive hometown, learned for himself that everything his hometown knew about life was wrong, and even became the ruler of an entire alien race for a short while. It's hard not to think you're amazing when life has basically confirmed it for you!
On the other hand, for all his intelligence, Klarion is much less mature and worldly than he likes to think. At the end of the day, he's still an immature teenage boy who doesn't have much experience with the outside world, let alone dealing with people who aren't from his hometown. He's a kid, and he reacts to things like one - he can be amazingly self-absorbed, he's more naive than he'd like to admit, and most of all, he has an extremely short emotional fuse.

Klarion has a bad habit of lashing out at people when he's angry or upset, and worse than that, he does it with magic. If somebody makes fun of his appearance, or worse yet, calls him something like 'emo pilgrim'? BAM, they've been turned to stone. He doesn't seem to understand why turning defenseless people into statues for insulting him is wrong, either - in fact, when someone calls him out on this, his response is an indignant "But they deserved it!" As far as Klarion is concerned, if somebody gets on his bad side, then any retaliation on his part is totally justified, and whatever happens to them next is their fault. This goes doubly if they actually betray his trust or genuinely hurt his feelings. Klarion can be extremely ruthless if the occasion calls for it, and won't show any regret for his actions, no matter how harsh.
Klarion also has issues with authority, especially when it comes to trusting adults. This isn't necessarily him being cynical, it's just been his experience ever since he struck out on his own. He usually assumes that adults either don't know what they're talking about, intend to manipulate him for their own gains, or just want to boss him around because they're adults. Klarion isn't so jaded that he expects people to betray or lecture him, but he's never surprised if it happens. There are rare exceptions to this attitude though: he'll listen to adults if what they're suggesting will somehow benefit him, and people closer to his own age seem to have better luck at getting through to him when he's being difficult.
The only person in the world that Klarion completely trusts is Teekl. The cat isn't just the focus of his magic, he's also his best friend, and the closest thing that Klarion has to family on the surface world. Losing Teekl is his greatest fear, and if the cat is in danger, Klarion will drop everything to help him. He's also willing to overlook just about anything for Teekl's sake - in his eyes, the cat can do no wrong. For example, during "the Coupling incident" when Teekl went into heat, turned into a ferocious were-cat and started wreaking havoc across Gotham City (it was a weird night, okay), Klarion was more concerned with Teekl's well-being than the fact that his cat was going on a bloody rampage... and when he realized that his magic couldn't, ahem, fix the problem, his response was a resigned (but not very upset!) "I suppose Teekl will just have to keep on murdering people..."
Overall, Klarion isn't a bad kid... he's just kind of a brat. When he's not turning people into small, squishy animals or letting Teekl terrorize the populace, he can actually be a fairly nice person. He just grew up in the strictest, most stifling home environment possible, and now that he's finally free, he's determined to see the world on his own terms, adults and morals be damned.


Magic: Magic comes as easily to Klarion as breathing. He's been studying it his entire life, and has canonically done everything from teleporting cross-country, to bartering magical power in exchange for people's souls, to fusing with Teekl and becoming a hideous, bloodthirsty mancatbeast. For the sake of not making him a total godmode, I'm going to narrow his magic down to a few specific abilities, and I'm totally open to editing them further:
One important thing to note: Klarion's familiar, Teekl, is the focus of his magical power. If Klarion is separated from the cat for too long (I'm guessing more than a couple of days), his magic will fade away, he'll fall into a deep depression, and he will eventually start to physically weaken and get sick. Prolonged separation may even be fatal, the comics aren't too clear on that.
Transmogrification: Temporarily turning people into frogs, statues, mice, etc. The effects of this will wear off after 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how long Klarion's concentration lasts. I'll be doing an opt-in permissions post for this, and won't do anything without contacting other players first!
Tracking spells: Assuming that he has something to track them with, like a piece of clothing or a few strands of someone's hair, Klarion can get a rough idea of where his target is. He won't be able to learn any specifics about their location, this spell is more or less like using a magical compass that just points him in the right general direction. It also takes more focus than the rest of his magic; he actually has to sit down, draw out a spell circle, and recite an incantation in order for it to work.
Energy bolts:  Exactly what it says on the tin. Pyew pyew, magic lazors!
Telepathic connection with his cat: Klarion and Teekl share a deep psychic bond that lets them telepathically communicate and share each other's senses. If Klarion concentrates, he can see through Teekl's eyes, hear through Teekl's ears, and smell with Teekl's nose, although he usually has to hold still and block out his own senses first in order to focus on Teekl's end of the mental link. 



[The video feed clicks on to show... an extreme close-up of a cat's nose. The camera jiggles around for a few moments before the view lurches up and away, with an unmistakably annoyed meow being heard in the background.]

Teekl, away from that thing! Give it here, you obstinate beast!

[The video gradually swims back into focus as Klarion squints into the camera, before finally holding the phone out at arm's length and giving any viewers a polite grin.]  

Ah, there we are! Greetings, fellow imPorts... or should I say temporary kidnapping victims. I am called Klarion, and this is Teekl. [The camera swings down to show the cat, who is apparently unimpressed, then moves back to Klarion's face.]

First, I should make two things clear: one, I'm a witch-boy from Limbo Town, not a pilgrim, although I understand that my hometown's fashion sense has certain unmistakable similarities to their outfits. Any jokes about turkeys or thanks-giving day pageants will be met with extreme prejudice. Any jokes about these foul blue creatures called 'smurfs' shall be met with even more prejudice.

Two, where might I find some 'iced cream'? I've heard that it's a delicious remedy to this absurd heat, and I should like to taste it for myself! Especially if it comes in strawberry.

LOGS POST (PROSE) SAMPLE: Test drive meme!



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