Aug. 10th, 2014

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Okay, so! Klarion has a short temper, and is notoriously trigger-happy when it comes to using his magic. He responds really, really badly to people who give him a hard time (which, from his perspective, can mean anything from calling him names like 'emo pilgrim' to telling him 'hey, turning that dude into a lawn ornament wasn't cool'), and his solution to most problems that he can't talk his way out of is basically 'do magic to it'. For this game, I've narrowed down his magical abilities to 'temporarily turning people into stuff', and 'firing magical blasts at stuff'.  His transformation spells will only last an hour at most, and may even wear off sooner if his concentration is disrupted.

Obviously I don't want to step on anyone's toes here, so this is an OPT-IN POST for anybody who would like to tangle with Klarion! If Klarion and your character end up butting heads, I'll be contacting you OOCly regardless before doing anything.  If you're up for having some magic blasts thrown at you, or getting temporarily turned into a newt, frog, stone statue, lawn flamingo, whatever, drop me a line and we'll make Shenanigans happen! 



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